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Margree "˜has local backing'

The developers of a possible windfarm site at Margree believe they have the backing of the local community.

North British Windpower Ltd had their application to build 25 turbines registered at the end of September.

Their proposals sparked controversy due to the close proximity of the development to another windfarm application 3km away at Blackcraig.

North British Windpower believe that there proposals have been welcomed because the windfarm will not have a significant visual impact due to its siting.

Project Manager Graham Irwin told the ‘News’: “We have held three public exhibitions at Moniaive, Corsock and Dalry.

“The public so far have been pretty supportive of our proposals.

“Our proposed development is largely hidden from the big receptors in the area.

“The site is located in a natural bowl and at present is covered with rough grassland and coniferous trees.

“The site itself is set back into the centre of the bowl which helps to ensure it is screened from view from any of the nearby settlements.

“It would be fair to say that if the responses left at the public exhibitions are a measure of how the community feels as a whole, then our application is being supported.”

Mr Irwin added: “We believe we will be able to produce significant electrical output from the windfarm.

“We have every confidence that the council will undertake a consultation and reach a balanced and informed decision regarding our application.”