October 27, 2006

Wind farm plan for Oughterside

Residents near a West Cumbrian village will be asked their views on plans for a £15 million six-turbine wind farm.

Norwich company Mellinsus Renewables has agreement from three Oughterside landowners for its development.

It will hold open days at Prospect Village Hall on Friday and Saturday next week to tell residents about the six wind turbines, renewable energy plants and solar panels.

It is to encourage people to talk about renewable energy, said the company’s environmental and marketing director, Michael Stamford.

He added: “Even if there was a lot of opposition we would still want to go ahead. People are missing the global picture ““ there really is an energy crisis.

“There are opposition groups, like the one in Tallentire, where they think the sky is their own property. We are trying to get renewable energy into every community.”

This is the first time the company has ventured into Cumbria. It intends to sell the project to a developer if planning permission is granted.

Solar thermal power would be introduced to buildings including milking parlours and homes.

Biogas plants would produce energy from waste products while biomass would create energy by burning dry matter, like straw, in sealed units.

The open days will be on Friday between 10am and 8pm and Saturday between 9.30am and 8.30pm.


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