October 25, 2006
Opinions, Vermont

Landscape makes Vermont special

One only need to view a copy of the October 2006 cover of the National Geographic magazine to see what blight large wind turbines would do to our pristine mountaintops here in Vermont.

The National Geographic magazine cover photo shows the Glen Canyon National Recreational Area with a majestic mountain dessert landscape blighted by three large smokestacks bellowing from a power plant just outside this national park.

Imagine the blight of large wind turbine towers on Mount Mansfield or Camels Hump or maybe near Ethan Allen Tower in Burlington or on top of Mills River Park in Jericho?

Yes, out-of-state interests with little to no interest in the pride we take in our Vermont landscape want to blight our ridgelines that will produce little to no energy savings and destroy our pristine mountaintops for generations to come! Is this the legacy we wish to leave our children and grandchildren?

Let’s be up front: As much as we like the “green” energy concepts, we will be the first to admit we don’t want these ugly 420-foot- high towers in our back yards.

Vermonters should stand up for the landscape that makes Vermont as special as it is. Vermonters should stand up to protect our land from those who wish to profit at our expense from perhaps the most valued resource we have: The beauty of our beloved Green Mountains of Vermont!



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