October 23, 2006
Opinions, Vermont

Against The Wind Power Invasion

It’s amazing what the small town of Sutton, who’s trying to protect itself from a huge industrial wind company, can do, even with a spaghetti supper. We voted 6 to 1 in March against this massive invasion by UPC wind, whose parent company is Italian and who stands to make somewhere around $10,000,000 a year on the Sheffield/Sutton project.

Concerned citizens of Sutton held a spaghetti supper Oct. 6th to raise $$ for the attorney representing us in our fight to STOP installation of 420-foot industrial wind turbines on high elevated ridgelines (Norris Mt in particular in Sutton) along with 36′ wide roads on the ridgelines to build this project.

The cohesiveness of all involved in putting on this supper was inspiring. Over $6,882 was raised and another event is being planned… soon.

Let’s keep in mind that we in Sutton fighting this battle are also doing it for those living in surrounding towns of the proposed project. This project will impact many people who view this project site.

The fact that this is a David vs. Goliath fight doesn’t deter us. We are fighting for our homes and our wonderful peaceful community.

Everyone is for renewable energy; however, there are many other proven and reliable clean sources that produce energy 24/7 that we must explore. There is plenty of information showing wind to be very low in output and unreliable. Unacceptable numbers of wind towers are needed to make up for such lack of output. I feel we can go to other renewable resources rather than placing on high ridgelines 420′ high massive structures with 150′ long turning blades and blinking red lights. Keep in mind the trees are about 50′ in height and the towers would protrude another 370′ over the tops of trees. The blades alone are the size of half a football field. These are not the small picturesque windmills of old Holland.

Along with their visual impact, is the constant humming noise produced, the miles of road building and sites of each turbine impacting wildlife, watersheds, hunters and other outdoor recreationists who utilize the area of this proposed project.

Most of us who have chosen the Northeast Kingdom as our permanent or retirement community do not live here for the money and most especially don’t want industrialization on the high ridgelines.

I personally feel this wind project is greedy industrialization in sheep’s clothing. We are all smarter and know who is going to profit if we allow ourselves to be apathetic and approve this project. If this happens there will be a push to install many more towers here in the “Kingdom.”

I honestly feel if we ALL stick together and stay focused we can defeat this proposed project. Let’s think of our neighbors, children and grandchildren and the State of Vermont.


Donald W. Gregory


URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2006/10/23/against-the-wind-power-invasion/