October 22, 2006
Illinois, Opinions

Wind farms aren't as 'green' as they seem

As I write this, my eyes are full of tears.

A corporation is planning to erect, in my neighborhood, over 100 towers. These towers are over 400-feet tall, so enormous that they will dwarf the size of my home. At the top there will be turbines that will have propellers approximately the wingspan of a 747 and will move at speeds of 186 miles per hour.

In Bloomington-Normal you cannot leave a sofa on your porch because it is an eyesore. These towers with turbines will be visible for 20 miles.

In historic neighborhoods improvements to homes must meet strict guidelines. Over 12,000 acres of the historic landscape of McLean and Woodford counties will be turned into an industrial park starting only 1½ miles from Normal.

Public perception is that “windmills” are green and therefore “good.” The reality is that the only thing green about this project is the money involved.

This wind factory is only going to make money for the company getting tax incentives to build it.

This wind factory will not reduce our electric rates. The power will be sold out of state and represents an insignificant amount.

This wind factory will not reduce our dependence on other sources of energy.

Wind does not blow consistently. There is no way to store electricity. Wind factories cannot replace other types of electrical production.

This technology may be a good idea someday, but doesn’t work yet.

Remember the solar power craze of the 1970s?

The tears in my eyes are because our best instincts are being used against us. Caring citizens want to preserve our environment. We all want to believe that we are green.

This industry is using green against us to put green money in their own pockets.

Denise Preller

Rural Hudson


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