October 19, 2006
New Zealand

Turitea wind farm debate something of a fizzer

People attending the council’s wind farm debate last night were met at the door by a security guard.

The council may have thought there was going to be a revolt, but the guard’s services were not required.

The infrastructural well-being committee meeting started at 5pm, but the debate didn’t start until 8.30pm and lasted 90 minutes, so in effect, it was the shortest part of the evening.

About 150 people attended the first 90 minutes, but only half returned after the tea break for the next two and a half hours.

Opponents to the proposal outnumbered and out-heckled supporters.

On two or three occasions, chairman Peter Claridge said that if the audience didn’t calm down, he would kick them out. Many found the council officers’ presentation amusing the explanation of how thorough the consultation process was got a laugh others jeered, such as when they were told the deal with Mighty River Power was superb.

It didn’t appear that many were swayed by the new information.

Councillors Anne Podd, Lew Findlay and Phil Etheridge received extended applause when they spoke against the proposal.

By Helen Harvey


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