October 19, 2006

Spanish company looks at building San Pat wind farm

A Spanish wind energy company is interested in building windmills in southern San Patricio County.

Gamesa officials have confirmed the company’s interest in the county of 69,209 residents, but are hesitant to say more because they are approaching rural landowners, said spokesman Rich Saunders from the company’s Austin office.

Josephine Miller, executive director of the San Patricio County Economic Development Corporation, said Gamesa is looking at property southwest of Taft and northwest of Portland. The company approached Miller more than a year ago, but she has had no contact since.

“They’re talking to farmers in that area, but there are some concerns,” Miller said. “I understand the farmers are worried about the windmills interfering with (crop dusting) and what will be done with the windmills if and when the company stops using them.”

San Pat County Judge Terry Simpson said the company conducted two public meetings for landowners and has tested the area’s winds.

“I’m told they want to justify a wind farm and they’ve come up that it is viable,” Simpson said. “I’m told by farmers that the towers would be about 263 feet.”

Gamesa hasn’t pitched the idea to the county’s commissioners court because the company is waiting until it obtains leases from landowners, Simpson added.

“Speaking for myself, if the landowners don’t have a problems with the windmills, I don’t either,” he said. “This is the future of energy and anything we can do to create a stable form of energy is good for business. This is a way of stabilizing the cost of energy.”

By Fanny S. Chirinos Caller-Times
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