October 19, 2006

Group forms in support of wind turbines

While opposition to wind farms continues in some parts of Dufferin, a new organization, Ontario Highlands Friends of Wind Power (OHFOWP) has formed locally “to promote wind power in the Ontario Highlands.”

Co-founded by Robert Knox of Flesherton, OHFOWP says in a news release it wants to promote wind energy specifically in Grey Highlands, Melancthon and Amaranth townships.

“Despite recent controversy surrounding the acceptance and siting of wind turbines, OHFOWP knows that a silent majority of voters strongly support wind power. OHFOWP gives a voice to those constituents to ensure that candidates in the upcoming municipal elections understand the importance of wind power issues,” Mr. Knox says.

Elsewhere in Canada, a company calling itself Acciona Wind Energy, along with Enbridge and Suncor has completed another wind farm in Alberta.

Toronto-based Ventus Energy has another 55 x 1.8 megawatt project under way.

The group says Nova Scotia has moved to have 20 per cent of its electricity provided from renewable sources by the year 2013, and confidence in wind energy is such that Enbridge Income Fund is purchasing part of Enbridge Inc.’s interests in various wind farms for $42-million.

There, Enbridge Management Services president Jim Schultz is quoted as saying that investments in wind power “are an attractive opportunity for growth.” Enbridge Management administers the income fund.

Quebec is in the process of approving a number of wind projects – including involvement by the Cree of eastern James Bay and southern Hudson’s Bay.

The world’s supply of fossil fuels has recently been reported as “grossly over-estimated,” and many experts view wind energy as “filling the energy gap.”

Mr. Knox cites local investment, creation of jobs and generation of tax revenues among the advantages of supporting wind projects – in addition to the contribution a wind farm makes to the energy needs.

By Wes Keller, Freelance Reporter


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