October 11, 2006

Kansas Energy Council Announces Public Hearing

The Kansas Energy Council (KEC) has scheduled a public hearing to receive input on its energy policy recommendations.

The public hearing will be held October 13, 2006 , from 9:00 a.m. to noon , in the old Supreme Court hearing room at the Capitol, Room 313-S, 300 SW 10th Avenue , Topeka .

“We’ve been reminded in the past couple of years about the importance of energy in our lives and our economy. I hope all Kansans with an interest in our state’s future will review the Energy Council’s recommendations and provide the Council with feedback,” said Governor Kathleen Sebelius.

The three energy policy recommendations call for a statewide utility-operated energy conservation program, greater development of wind energy, and promotion of “clean coal” technologies. The drafts were released last month for public comment and are available on the Council’s web site at kec.kansas.gov/ .

“I’m pleased with the initial policy drafts,” said Kansas Energy Council (KEC) Chairman Ken Frahm. “They represent the work of Council staff, based on studies done by outside consultants, and the diligent review in multiple meetings of the 30 members of the Energy Council. They represent great initial steps for Kansas to become more energy self-supporting without violating the Legislature’s desire to avoid expensive mandates on Kansas governmental entities, businesses, and citizens.”

The public hearing is an opportunity for KEC members to hear directly from those interested in energy policy issues, noted Frahm. “We welcome input from the public, particularly those who have not been directly involved in previous meetings and discussions.”

In addition to the public hearing, the KEC will accept written comments through October 31, 2006 . These comments will provide useful feedback to the Energy Council and staff as they work to further develop and refine their final recommendations, noted Frahm. “Following the public comment period, more staff work, and careful re-evaluation by the KEC, the Council will meet in November to approve its final policy recommendations, which will be forwarded to the Governor and Legislature in December as part of the 2007 Kansas Energy Plan.”

Those presenting comments at the public hearing are encouraged to submit written testimony and to contact the KEC prior to October 13th (phone KEC Director Liz Brosius at 785-271-3264 or email ).

Additional information about the October 13th hearing and the public comment process, as well as full text of the draft recommendations are available on the KEC web site at kec.kansas.gov .


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