October 10, 2006
New Zealand

Zones mooted

Horizons Regional Council wants city and district councils to set zones for wind farms and other renewable energy sources.

This will enable communities and companies to make informed choices about where they live and where they look to develop, chairman Garry Murfitt said.

“Wind farm development is gaining popularity and we are receiving feedback that there is some concern from the community regarding when development will stop and where the next one is going to be. It makes sense to make things clear so everyone knows where they stand.”

It’s not Horizons job to decide where wind farms will be erected. It is up to the city and district councils to make changes to district plans to define any zones and decide where any renewable sites will be, he said.

“Both myself and Horizons’ chief executive have written to all the council mayors and chief executives in our region to ask them to discuss this issue with their communities and respective councils. We are waiting on their decisions. It is the responsibility of city and district councils to determine what land can be used for this purpose.”


URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2006/10/10/zones-mooted/