October 4, 2006

MNR denies lake use for wind turbines; Decision cancels public meeting

A proposed project for wind turbines in Lake Erie off the shores of Leamington and Kingsville will not go ahead.
Kingsville Mayor Nelson Santos was pleased by the decision made by the Minister of Natural Resources and said Wednesday night’s public meeting at Migration Hall has been canceled as a result.
“For us, this is the appropriate decision,” said Santos following the announcement by MPPs Bruce Crozier and Pat Hoy Tuesday morning that the MNR will not allow the use of Crown lands in the bed of Lake Erie for the proposed project.
“It’s a positive move, representing the wishes of the town of Kingsville and its residents,” he added.
While Santos said they still support the use of green energy, he said they must find a more appropriate location.

Leamington Mayor John Adams mirrored Santos’ opinion but said he’s not positive that is the final word on the proposal.
“I agree with clean power,” said Adams, “but it needs a location where it won’t disrupt communities.”
Adams said the proponents may have an appeal process available to them.
“They have spent a lot of money on this project,” he said, “so nothing is certain.”
“The Minister of Natural Resources has said that the planned location is simply not an appropriate site for a project of this size,” stated Crozier in a press release.
Over the past several weeks, local residents have voiced their opposition, and yesterday, the minister confirmed that he shared these concerns, calling the proposed site, “inappropriate,” they said.
The minister has offered to work with Southpoint Wind Power to find a more appropriate site for the project.


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