October 4, 2006

DTE Energy has windmill answers

DTE Energy says it has come up with ”solutions” to restart windmills at Laker Elementary School near Pigeon.

But just what that means is a bit of a mystery.

A company spokesman made the announcement Tuesday, but declined to give specifics, saying DTE wants to discuss the proposal first with school officials and a project developer.

The DTE spokesman said the proposal involves ”tying the schools together and finding the most effective way of doing that.”

More information may be coming today, said School District Superintendent Bob Drury.

Laker Elementary School erected three 65-kilowatt wind turbines earlier this year with a $265,000 state grant.

The rebuilt windmills had turned on a California wind farm for years and operated at the school for about a month without problems, providing juice to the school and a way for students to learn about alternative energy.

But DTE told a contractor about two weeks ago that there were ”safety and reliability” concerns with the turbines and they needed to be shut off.

Company officials said a DTE engineering team ”has expedited an analysis” to determine the best way to connect the turbines to the electric grid.

The study was to take several weeks.

Drury said he spoke twice on Tuesday to a regional DTE manager who said company officials may call today with specifics.

”I guess I’ll believe it when I see it,” Drury said.

By Jeff Kart, Times Writer


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