October 2, 2006
Michigan, Press releases

DTE Energy Develops Solution for Thumb Schools Wind Energy Project

Detroit Edison has developed solutions
to restart a wind energy project in the Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port Laker
Schools in the Thumb area.
The utility’s engineering team has expedited an analysis needed to
determine the best way to install wind generators for interconnection with
Detroit Edison’s electric grid that meets the needs of the school district
as well as the safety of children attending school where the project will
generate electricity.
The schools utilized a $265,000 grant from the Michigan Public Service
Commission (MPSC) for the project, but began operating the generators
before completion of an engineering and safety study from Detroit Edison
for the interconnection. Detroit Edison advised the school district to shut
down the generators to comply with MPSC rules until the study could be
completed to ensure the generators can safely and compatibly interconnect
with the school’s electrical system.
“Detroit Edison is fully supportive of renewable energy programs and we
have been working with the school district to accommodate its wind power
project,” said Vince Dow, Detroit Edison vice president. “We have expedited
the time it would normally take for such an engineering study and believe
we’ve developed a solution, which will expedite a safe start-up of the
project. We intend to present the study to the district as soon as we can
schedule a meeting.
“It is extremely complex to connect large wind generators to the
electric grid and we needed to ensure that the right protective equipment
is in place to ensure the safety of the children at the school, as well as
the reliability of the electrical system,” Dow added.



URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/news/2006/10/02/dte-energy-develops-solution-for-thumb-schools-wind-energy-project/