September 25, 2006

Wind farm conference call

People living in the Neath and Dulais Valleys are being urged to speak out on a proposed 15-turbine wind farm.

Community councillors across the tops of the two valleys have been calling for a public meeting to debate the proposal by Pennant Walters.

The plan outlines a 45-megawatt wind farm consisting of 15 turbines with masts, substation and infrastructure on Maesgwyn Mountain, north west of Glynneath town.

Onllwyn, Seven Sisters and Glynneath community councillors are all calling for public meetings to discuss it.

At Seven Sisters community council meeting last week, councillor Jean Taylor said: ‘Why should we put up with this? You go to Cornwall and see the wind farms and hear the noise they make and it’s going day and night and there are houses nearby.

‘People will lose value on their houses.’

In Glynneath, town councillors are seeking more information about wind farms before holding a public discussion.

Coun Del Morgan said: ‘We want to have a meeting with speakers on both sides of the argument to inform councillors.

‘We have pledged to have a public meeting but councillors want to hear from the two viewpoints first.’

Tom Marston chairman of Onllwyn community council told the Guardian if the wind farm is given planning permission it will change the landscape forever.

He said: ‘Neath Port Talbot council should hold a public consultation on this to assess the feelings of the people.

‘The wind farm will be in full view from Banwen and it will be an intrusion. It’s ridiculous that they will be so close to houses.

‘We’re reasonable people, we’re not against green energy, but we think there should be a reasonable response to our concerns.’

Nicola Pearce, head of development control at Neath Port Talbot council, said they are receiving letters from the public regarding the proposal currently but could not say whether a public meeting would be held.

‘We have undertaken consultation with areas affected by the plan, we have sent letters to nearby houses and advertised the plan.

‘There is no date set yet for the plan to be decided so people can send in their letters from now.’

Sep 21 2006

Kate Corney, Port Talbot Guardian

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