September 20, 2006
British Columbia

Open house mostly positive for Mount Hays Wind Farm

Residents of the North Coast were given their opportunity to learn more about the Mount Hays Wind Farm project on September 14, and give their input and concerns about the development, during an open house hosted by Katabatic Power, the company that is proposing the development.

Throughout the evening a number of experts were on hand to answer questions related to the impact of the wind farm on wildlife, vegetation and the scenery of the area, all of which are areas the company is currently studying. According to Katabatic’s Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Raymond, most of the people who came out had positive feedback on the company’s plans.

“The open house was great. We had a great turnout with about 60 to 70 people and they asked a lot of really good questions. We have the maps up and the data plots up and people seem really excited to see the first wind development in the area progress.”

“Most of what I heard was general interest questions. People want to know if you’ll be able to hear the turbines, how much people will be able to see, if they will still be able to access the roads and what I experienced is a real fascination and interest in the project. It’s a bit of an unknown and people just want to get the specifics,” he added.

Raymond said the company is still hopeful for a construction start around May of 2007, although he noted there are some things in the review process that are out of the company’s hands and in the hands of the government. Although the open house may be over, Raymond said people are still more than welcome to give input on the project.

“If there is something we can do better, we want to hear about it.”

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By Shaun Thomas

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