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Some say 'No' to wind farm in Cape Vincent


By: Brian Dwyer

Ask any two people in Cape Vincent if they favor a wind farm, you’ll most likely get a different answer.

Tuesday’s meeting of the Wind Power Ethics Group, turned into a room full of people who are saying no thanks to the potential of lost landscape and loud noise.

“Some towns have 600 feet from a person’s home. Is that fair to make people live like that? Are they benefiting from it? People like me, you cannot move. Is it fair it’s put on people like that?” Asked Anne Britton who opposes the wind farm.

Those in favor of the project say, look at Maple Ridge in Lewis County.

But one expert says, the two areas are not the same, especially when it comes to the wildlife that is at risk with the big towers.

“I live what, six miles from Maple Ridge. Maple Ridge and this location cannot be compared from a stand point of birds, bats, and a lot of other things. Every site is different and every site needs to be treated different.” Said Gerry Smith, an ornithologist.

Although the room was full, there were questions as to whether or not the most important people would be in attendance.

Members of the town council, who will ultimately decide whether or not the farm will be built, originally said they wouldn’t attend because they weren’t sure if the meeting was legit and who was behind it. They eventually did show.

“There seems to be a breech here that they think we’re going to come in here and fight a war. We’re in here, in a sense, to try and help them make a decision that they’re eventually going to have to make.” Said former Watertown Mayor and current member of the Wind Farm Ethics Group T. Urling Walker. The Wind Power Ethics Group supports alternative energy and wants to educate the public about all aspects of wind turbine operation.

The Town Council will meet again on Thursday to discuss the issue more.