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Eighty hectares of low scrub and pine burn in a fire between Pétrola and Corral Rubio



[translation from Spanish]

Mount Albaceteño brought a new fright yesterday. An aerogenerator in the Anorias Wind Facility in Pétrola began to burn at four in the afternoon and started a forest fire in the area known as La Cuerda.

As the Mayor of Pétrola, Juan Gómez, described it to this newspaper, the strong winds made the fire spread quickly. …

Around eight in the evening the fire was brought under control, although the reserve of firemen remained some time more to cool the ground and prevent the fire being revived by the wind. …

In the end, according to both mayors, and initial official estimates, between eighty and a hundred hectares [200-250 acres] of low scrub and pine were burned.

According to sources from the Castilla/La Mancha firefighters, the effort to extinguish the fire required four teams with four firetrucks, two airplanes carrying dirt, and a helicopter with another team. Two Sepei (Provincial Firefighting Service) trucks also participated.