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Letter to Governor Kathleen Sebelius (KS) re. Flint Hills

Dear Governor Sebelius:

Please exercise your power to avoid industrialization of the Flint Hills. The world jury is deeply divided that wind is a desirable, economical, investment worthy source of energy. But, even if it were the answer to every energy issue imaginable, these giant turbines do not belong in the Flint Hills.

With increasing resistance to wind turbine industrialization in Europe and other U.S. states, it makes no public policy sense to allow the Flint Hills to be ripped up while people throughout the world voice concern about the negative impact of industrial wind turbines on the general health and welfare of inhabitants.

Certainly, it is no secret that wind energy is of little to no interest to investors unless hefty subsidies are in place. Therefore, one has to question the motives and the timing of corporations like Florida Power and Light.

If Kansas had invested (subsidized) the slowly growing eco- and agri-tourism efforts of hard-working, entreprenurial Kansas citizens ten years ago, then Kansas, as a traveler attraction, would be surely be so strong today that no one to consider ruining the viewscape and the ecological balance.

Chase County and Morris County should immediately impose a moratorium. You need to pressure them to do so. Groundwater issues, lightning strikes, distressing sound, strobe light effects, erosion of fragile topsoil, industrialized, surreal viewscapes that destroy the rural sensibilities…..all of these reasons are presented to encourage you and your staff to protect this rare geography.

N. Christine Crenshaw, Manhatten (KS)