FAQ — About National Wind Watch

What kind of people are against wind power?

The typical opponent learned of a project near his or her home, learned about the huge size and impact of the machines, and did research to find out if the benefits were truly worth it. They found that the negative impacts far outweighed the benefits claimed. They also discovered that the claims made for industrial wind power are greatly exaggerated and often wrong.

Do you prefer mountaintop removal or more coal miners getting killed for our energy?

The impacts of coal mining are obvious. Unfortunately, adding the impacts of industrial wind will not diminish coal mining the least bit.

Are you backed by the coal or nuclear industry?

NWW is not backed by, affiliated with, or funded in any way by these or any other industry, political organization, or “think tank.” National Wind Watch was formed bottom-up by local citizens’ groups and individuals from around the United States with shared concerns about wind power. The membership is diverse. NWW has no desire to extend its activities into other potentially contentious realms.

Who funds you?

National Wind Watch welcomes donations from anyone concerned about industrial wind development who wishes to support the organization’s work. However, NWW will not accept any donation that is intended to influence the actions or policies of the organization or the contents of NWW’s web site. Decisions about NWW policy are made by the Board of Directors, who are unpaid volunteers with no affiliations to fossil fuel or nuclear energy industries or any similar outside interests. National Wind Watch has a conflict of interest policy for all directors.

Are you radical environmentalists who are against electricity?

The fact is that wind power does not and can not contribute significantly to our electricity needs.

Do you deny global warming/climate change?

NWW recognizes that wind power has and will ever have only the most minimal ability to mitigate any adverse effects of other energy sources.

Do you oppose all renewables?

As an organization, NWW is concerned only with the impacts of industrial wind development.

Is there any place you support wind power?

As an organization, NWW supports the examination of its adverse impacts everywhere.

Are you NIMBYs?

The NIMBY pejorative is for someone who supports a project but doesn’t want it where he or she lives (i.e., “yes, just not in my back yard”). It is more correctly applied to the developers of industrial wind facilities. The people they call “NIMBY” for standing in the way of their projects might more accurately be called stewards of the land.

In principle, NWW does not support the push for industrial wind power anywhere, seeing it as a destructive boondoggle that distracts people from the issues they think they are solving.

Of course, every individual associated with NWW generally directs most of his or her personal energies to fighting wind power development where they live. They also support the similar struggles of others in other places.

Instead of bashing wind, why don't you spend your time and energy working for a better solution?

Many of the individuals associated with NWW do, as do many other well established organizations. NWW's role is to provide them with the information, not otherwise available from the media and industry, showing that any true solution can not include big wind.

Are you anti-environmentalist?

Though many environmentalists support industrial wind power, believing that it can provide substantial energy and move us away from fossil and/or nuclear fuels, many others believe that the faith in wind power is misplaced and that its negative impacts are downplayed. National Wind Watch considers the construction of giant wind turbines and the necessary expansion of roads and the grid infrastructure to be counter to the interests of the environment, particularly in rural and wild areas.

What environmentalist groups do you consider to be wrong about wind power?

Organizations that most actively promote industrial wind power include Greenpeace, the state Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), the Conservation Law Foundation in New England, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the Earth Policy Institute. Other supportive groups include The Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council, Environmental Defense Fund, National Audubon Society, and The Nature Conservancy. Their unquestioning support for and promotion of industrial wind power is at odds with their concern for the natural environment.

What do you support?

National Wind Watch supports an open and honest debate about our energy use and the costs and benefits of all methods of generation. NWW supports continuing research and development of new energy sources. NWW supports efficiency and urges conservation. NWW supports the protection of rural communities and wild places threatened by fruitless industrial development. The mission of National Wind Watch is to provide the information needed for proper debate about industrial wind power, particularly that which isn’t provided by government agencies or the industry and its supporters.

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