February 2, 2008
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Yvonne Sheehan’s daily diary January 2008

Sheehan, Yvonne

List of illness that I am suffering:

Pain in ears and all down jaw. Hearing in right ear almost none. Pain in muscles and joints. Headaches. Dizziness. Vertigo. Loss of concentration. Stress. Depression. Very short tempered, Anger flare-ups. Pains in chest and excessive wind, (this causes me to be short of breath). Disturbed sleep. Constantly being woke at night. Unable to get to sleep. Very tired due to lack of sleep. No energy. Numbness and Tingling in the fingers and constantly dropping things. Lesions (see pictures). I need to empty my bowels about 5-6 times a day as opposed to my usual once per day. Some days I cannot function at all and it is an effort to just go to the toilet. Nausea, High-pitched whistle in ear, Blurred vision (new glasses have not rectified this problem). Results of blood test have shown up small amount of cholesterol and B12 deficient – This is my body not digesting the food and the reason why I am going to the toilet so often. …

Sample sound level readings both dbA and dbC, are included. “If the dBC is higher than dBA then there is a lot of low frequency.”

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URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/documents/yvonne-sheehans-daily-diary-january-2008/

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[1] Yvonne Sheehan’s daily diary January 2008: https://docs.wind-watch.org/yvonnesheehan-jan08.pdf

[2] Click here for Part 2.: http://www.wind-watch.org/documents/yvonne-sheehans-daily-diary-2008-part-2/

[3] Also see Ms. Sheehan’s introductory letter here at National Wind Watch.: http://www.wind-watch.org/documents/turbine-related-illness/