April 9, 2008
Ordinances, Wisconsin

Wisconsin Wind Ordinances

Rock County Tax-Payers for a Better Renewable Energy Plan

You can download PDFs of these ordinances by clicking on them. We’re in the process of collecting as many Wisconsin wind ordinances as we can. If you know of an ordinance you’d like us to make available, please CONTACT US (click here) [1] and let us know!

Town of Chilton Wind Ordinance [2]

Town of Clay Banks Draft Wind Ordinance [3] 

Town of Magnolia Wind Ordinance

Town of Union Wind Ordinance [5]

Trempealeau County Wind Ordinance [6]

State of Wisconsin Draft Model Ordinance  [7]

Go to: Wisconsin Wind Ordinances [8]

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/documents/wisconsin-wind-ordinances/

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[1] CONTACT US (click here): http://betterplan.squarespace.com/who-we-are/

[2] Town of Chilton Wind Ordinance: http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-siting-ordinances/Town%20of%20Chilton%20WES%20Licensing%20Ordinance%200213081.pdf

[3] Town of Clay Banks Draft Wind Ordinance: http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-siting-ordinances/Clay%20Banks%20Wind%20Ordinance%20Comm.%20Approved%2005.03.pdf

[4] Town of Magnolia Wind Ordinance
: http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-siting-ordinances/Large%20Wind%20Turbine%20Ordinance%207-8-08.pdf

[5] Town of Union Wind Ordinance: http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-siting-ordinances/Town%20of%20Union%20Large%20Wind%20Ordinance.pdf

[6] Trempealeau County Wind Ordinance : http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-siting-ordinances/Tremp%20Co%20wind_oce_11-28-07.pdf

[7] State of Wisconsin Draft Model Ordinance : http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-siting-ordinances/Wisconsin%20Draft%20Model%20Ordinance

[8] Wisconsin Wind Ordinances: http://betterplan.squarespace.com/wind-ordinances-wisconsin-stat/