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Windenergy: the whole truth [Windmolens en wat meestal verzwegen wordt]

‘In order to make a fair judgment on the possible usefulness of windturbines for the production of “clean electricity” (energy generated by wind, as a major source of green renewable energy), one should only use arguments based on reality. Biased statements based on the concerns of windturbines makers or on political motivations ought to be refrained, as they are suspicious beforehand.

‘Apart from being rational, the arguments used in a debate should also be underpinned by numbers. And it speaks for itself that no disadvantage of the use of windturbines should be concealed. The following story is a discussion on the main questions that play a role when appraising windturbines, which are their characteristics, the benefits and their serious disadvantages which, sadly enough, are often purposefully hidden.’

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Download original document: “Windmolens en wat meestal verzwegen wordt [2]

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