May 14, 2010
Environment, Health, Noise, Nova Scotia

Wind Turbines: Some Deeper Questions

Orton, David; and Hoffmann-Orton, Helga

This book commentary was written in the context of our own local situation, and to make Nina Pierpont’s Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment better known to others who have wind turbines sprouting up like industrial mushrooms in their backyards and regions. Pierpont, a rural physician living in upstate New York, writes about health impacts suffered by people living close to wind turbines. The book is essentially about human health, and does not discuss ecosystem health, a more encompassing topic with wider dimensions. The reference to “natural experiment” in the subtitle, refers to “a circumstance wherein subjects are exposed to experimental conditions both inadvertently and ecologically (within their own homes and environments).” (p. 5)

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