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Wind turbines — low level noise sources interfering with restoration?

Wind turbines generate a low level noise and would thus not be expected to cause annoyance and disturb rest. In a society where people are being exposed to an increasing noise load, moderate and low level noise sources may also be perceived as annoying and hence inhibit restoration. This article presents an analysis of two socio-acoustic studies of wind turbine noise with the emphasis on perception, annoyance and consequences for restoration. It is hypothesized that low and moderate stressors such as wind turbine noise could have an impact on health. The risk seems to be higher if restoration is, or is perceived to be, impaired and also for certain groups of individuals. The observations warrant further studies.

Environ. Res. Lett. 3 (2008) 015002

Eja Pedersen and Kerstin Persson Waye
Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Sahlgrenska Academy, Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden

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