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Wind Turbine Harm: Bruce McPherson Study 2014 Epilogue

Notus Wind Turbine: HARM REAL – NOT HIDDEN

Question: Is There Public Harm?
Answer: Yes … Public Harm Is Real!

Where Is Harm Hiding?

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2014 – Harm is … ?

2014 – Harm Is Power Output!
Must Test Near Full Power Output

Stephen E. Ambrose, ASA, INCE Board Certified
Robert W. Rand, ASA, INCE

Principal Consultants, Acoustics, Environmental Sound & Industrial Noise Control
March 1, 2014

Download original document: “Wind Turbine Harm: Bruce McPherson Study 2014 Epilogue [4]

Also see:  “Bruce McPherson Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study” [5]

Presented to Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals, March 6, 2014, and submitted to MassDEP Wind Turbine and Noise Technical Advisory Group. By courtesy of Wind Wise Massachusetts [6].