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Wind Power . . . It Blows!

Mike Winkler of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin, has graciously released his lively report from the wind wars into the public domain. Click here to buy a printed copy of the book [1], or scroll down to download the PDF.

“You have to pick your fights and pick them often. The reason I am repeatedly going to beat this drum is because I started doing this too late and all the contracts were already signed. Remember, the modus operandi of Big Wind is deception and coercion. … Pinpointing your fight against the tax farms based upon the truth alone is rather difficult when Big Wind makes the truth what they want it to be. Make your truth your willingness to take the stand for cause.”

Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures:

  1. Organize a coalition of like-minded people.
  2. Don’t quit when pressured by your sister’s cousin’s brother in-law.
  3. Run your campaign like a political campaign.
  4. Use whatever connection (wherever) you can, but keep it out of the place of worship and schools.
  5. Use the local radio, press, regional radio, etc., as assets and mouthpieces.
  6. Ally yourself with regional organizations from around the country doing the same thing as you.
  7. Use signs, handbills, bumper stickers, whatever printed material you can find, as much as you can.
  8. Use the truth to your advantage, but don’t try to educate the uninformed – they will never understand well enough.
  9. Find a sympathetic lawyer. If you hear nothing but doubt, run Wind Power . . . It Blows! [2]right out.
  10. Always, always, be serious and never flippant when speaking to anyone who might quote you.
  11. Learn the laws of the local municipality, county, and state. Use any violation of laws or impropriety to your advantage. Blow the whistle.
  12. Make sure your job one task is to protect the environment, but use an iota of common sense.

Download original document: “Wind Power . . . It Blows! [2]