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Why is wind turbine noise noisier than other noise?

ABSTRACT. For residents near modern wind farms wind turbine noise is more annoying than other important noise sources, when comparing equal sound levels. Acoustically this may be due to the diurnal course of the noise and the rapid fluctuation in level related to the rotation, which are not usual features of most transportation and industrial noise sources. It can also be a result of non-acoustic factors such as visual intrusion and the perceived distribution of benefits and adverse effects. In this paper the pros and cons of these possible causes will be discussed based on measurement results and surveys, and on comparisons to other industrial and transportation noise sources.

APPENDIX: Review of University of Salford Report “Research into Aerodynamic Modulation of Wind Turbine Noise” commissioned by the British Department of Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (now the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills)

Presented at EURONOISE 2009 Edinburgh, Scotland, October 26-28, 2009

Frits van den Berg, Public Health Service Amsterdam, Department of Environmental Health, the Netherlands

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