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Wabaunsee County, Kan., changes to zoning regulations

“I move that the recommendation of the Planning Commission regarding Wind Energy Conversion Systems regulations be overridden in part and adopted in part. I move that Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems, as defined in the proposed regulations, be prohibited as a permitted use in the County, whether as a Conditional Use or otherwise.

“I further move that the provisions of the recommended regulations regarding Small Energy Commission Systems be adopted. The proposed changes to the Zoning Regulations are described on Exhibit A.

“The basis of the motion is that Commercial Wind Energy Conversion Systems would not be in the best interests of the general welfare of the County as a whole. They do not conform to the intent and purpose of the Zoning Regulations. In light of the historical, existing and anticipated land uses in the County, they would adversely affect the County as a whole. They would be incompatible with the rural, agricultural, and scenic character of the County. They would not conform to the Wabaunsee County Comprehensive Plan, including the goals and objectives, which the citizens of the County drafted. They would be detrimental to property values and opportunities for agricultural and nature based tourism.

“Each reason stands on its own. This motion is based upon what has been presented at public hearings, public meetings, letters, documents that have been produced, my experience, and my personal knowledge of the issue.”

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