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Tioga Preservation Group Land Use Appeal

Tioga Preservation Group, Dr. Stephen Ollock, and Patricia Ollock v. Tioga County Planning Commission

Land Use Appeal

On or about September 24, 2007, AES Armenia Mountain Wind, LLC (“AES”) filed a Land Development Application (“Application”) with the Tioga county Planning Commission proposing to construct a wind farm on properties located in eastern Tioga County as more fully described in the Application. The Application indicated the intent to construct 72 turbines; upon reasonable belief, AES has increased the proposed number o turbines to 128 turbines. …

In granting the Preliminary Approval, the Planning Commission acted capriciously, abused its discretion, and committed errors of law in the following manner …

WHEREFORE, [Tioga Preservation Group, Dr. Stephen Ollock, and Patricia Ollock] respectfully requests the Court:

(1) Reverse the grant of preliminary approval and deny the Preliminary Land Development Plan; and

(2) Grant such other alternative relief as may be permitted by law.

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