April 3, 2015
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Submissions to the Senate Select Committee on Wind Turbines: neighbors


Bill & Sandra Rogerson [1] “are third generation farmers and live adjacent to the 32 turbine Oaklands Hill Wind Farm at Glenthompson Victoria, operated by AGL. Our house is 2.5km and our woolshed where we work almost every day is 1.7 km from the nearest turbine. Our problems entail

John & Robin Pollard [2] “live 2.5 Kilometres from the nearest turbine of the Oaklands Hill Wind farm at Glenthompson Victoria. When the wind farm commenced we had no idea that we would be so badly affected by the turbines. So much so AGL are still turning off 6 turbines closest to our house at night for which we are grateful.”

David & Alida Mortimer [3] “have hosted and resided in close proximity to industrial scale wind power turbines on our farm from late 2004 until we sold the farm October 2014. We continue to reside in the same proximity to the same turbines. Our main reason for making this submission is to bring to the Senate’s attention the adverse health effects we suffer as a direct result of being continually subjected to Infra and Low Frequency noise (ILFN) produced by the turbines.”

Janet Hetherington [4], “a 63 year old widow, living 3 kilometres from the dreaded, Macarthur wind facility. My life, now, has been changed forever, or until I can find someone to purchase my farm, so I can move on, and live somewhere, where there is NO INFRASOUND from wind turbines, to intrude and harm my health and wellbeing. Since the beginning of operation of the Macarthur wind facility, I have felt a myriad of sensations, causing me to become anxious and frightened for my health.”

Brian Kermond [5] “was a permanent resident of 107 Blowholes Road, Cape Bridgewater, Victoria.

“I was employed full time with an Irish based wind turbine construction team, Windhoist, to erect a wind facility at Cape Bridgewater in February 2008. I had worked long hours and consistently for a period of six months when the wind facility was almost completed and became online.

“At this time I began to experience some major disturbances with my health including dizziness, nausea, fatigue, ear pressure and vision impairment. I consulted a local doctor who was concerned for my overall health including all of the above and my lowered blood pressure. He initially thought I may have been suffering a type of viral labyrinthitis but did not establish any such result. I continued to experience these symptoms and could not return to my work or any other industrial related work to this day.

“I found that my symptoms continued whilst at home with a waxing and waning effect at different times and situations, including whilst sleeping at night or when my body was positioned near the ground.

“On occasions I was taken to the hospital emergency ward whilst suffering these symptoms. …

“I moved my family of four from our residence at Cape Bridgewater in 2010 after we had all been subjected to the torture of trying to co-exist near the neighbouring wind facility.”

Peter Jelbart [6]: “back at home after working away and the Macarthur Industrial Wind Turbines are driving me mad. I have had disrupted sleeps since day one of operation, but only when I stay at home. I am not neurotic or psychotic, I do not suffer from ‘The Nocebo Effect’, I have very disrupted sleep at home. … As a professional heavy vehicle driver I know about fatigue. I have sat through courses related to fatigue management yearly for the last ten years. I have worked big hours, illegal hours, and I know what tired is. I know what sleep is. I know the principals of circadian rhythms, how to handle shift work, what to eat, what to drink and what to avoid. I also know that the sleep, or lack of, that happens at home, is completely foreign. It is not a problem with my head, my mind, my body, or anything else. It is a problem from being externally stimulated by the IWTs close to home. It is a combination of infrasound and low frequency noise. ‘Noise’ that doesn’t get measured by planners, government, hosts or acousticians. ‘Noise’ that doesn’t exist. ‘Noise’ that is all in our heads. ‘Noise’ that is completely denied by wind farm companies.”

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/documents/submissions-to-the-senate-select-committee-on-wind-turbines-neighbors/

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