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Resolution regarding the public health implications of industrial wind turbines

WHEREAS Prince Edward County is an island municipality located in Lake Ontario just west of Kingston and has been identified for significant wind farm development, both onshore and offshore; and

WHEREAS currently six (6) wind turbine development companies have publicly signaled a desired presence with three (3) applications in place at the formal planning application stage (1 of these at the Ontario Municipal Board); and

WHEREAS the need for renewable energy sources is recognized at the federal, provincial, municipal and local community levels; and

WHEREAS wind-generated power is an established source of renewable energy being created globally; and

WHEREAS populated and publicly owned and occupied lands and waters are being identified for industrial wind turbine development; and

WHEREAS discrepancy exists on the health effects potentially created by the presence of industrial wind turbines; and

WHEREAS this discrepancy on the potential health effects is proving to be destructive and divisive to the social and cultural fabric of rural communities; and

WHEREAS other Ontario municipalities, being the Township of Loyalist and the Township of Dawn-Euphemia, have passed resolutions expressing concern with the health effects association with wind turbines;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Council of the Corporation of the County of Prince Edward requests that the Federal and Provincial government agencies responsible for public health, energy creation and energy management complete the following:

  1. Dedicate resources to the necessary scientific research to consider the impact of
    1. low frequency noise, and
    2. electrical and electromagnetic disturbances in areas of industrial wind turbines with the intent to confirm/deny public health implications; and
  2. Create and provide authoritative regulations and guidelines for the locating of wind turbines to municipalities and wind energy developers;

THAT the resolution of the Township of Loyalist dated September 25, 2008 be supported; and

THAT this resolution be forwarded with a request for action to: The Ontario Ministries of Health, Environment and Energy, Medical Officers of Health at Public Health Units, Environment Canada, Health Canada, All MPPs and MPs, The Premier’s Office, The Prime Minister’s Office, The Association for Municipalities of Ontario (AMO), and The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM); and

THAT this resolution be circulated to all municipalities and native territories in Ontario requesting their support.

December 2008

This resolution was endorsed by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in October 2009.