June 15, 2016

Re: Hardin Wind Application, Logan Co., Ohio

Logan Co., Ohio, County Commissioners

WHEREAS, … the Logan County Commissioners have reviewed the application, and different
portions of the application are incomplete or inadequate; and, …

WHEREAS, the wind developer has created confusion and given misinformation to the press
through statements and advertisements causing misunderstanding with the public; and, …

WHEREAS, if the only feasible way this project can go forward is through a tax exemption and
payment in lieu of taxes, as the wind developer claims, then something is wrong with the State tax law.
Tax abatements are to incentivize development in a specific location, not to create the business model
for the project to be developed. It is curious that under the energy project law, the local governments
are expected to take a loss of revenue while the State of Ohio’s tax revenue (commercial activity tax,
kilowatt hour tax, etc.) is to remain entirely whole; and,

WHEREAS, the Logan County Board of County Commissioners is not convinced that over the life
of the project that granting the PILOT would benefit the community. Likewise with respect to job
creation, the Logan County Board of County Commissioners is not convinced that the amount of taxes
abated would be exceeded by the benefit of gaining relatively few permanent employees; and,

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED by the Logan County Board of Commissioners that:

… The application submitted by Hardin Wind, LLC, is hereby rejected, in so far as it request any
tax exemption in Logan County.

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Resolution by Trustees of Richland Township: … Road damage & drainage … Population density … Health & Safety … Environment … Housing … Taxation … The Richland Township Trustees are opposed to the construction of the Scioto Farm Wind Turbines.

Resolution by Rushcreek Township Trustees: … hereby again earnestly recommend to the Logan County Commissioners to deny a Payment in Lieu of Taxation (PILOT), and any other tax abatement for the Scioto Ridge Wind Installation, and all other industrial wind installations within this township and county.

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