June 26, 2012
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National Opposition to Windfarms – Charter

National Opposition to Windfarms

  1. Windfarms reduce landscape value, kill birds and compromise wildlife habitats.They also compromise essential environmental services.
  2. Electricity from windfarms is unreliable and cannot be stored. Wind is an intermittent and unpredictable energy source; it can provide neither the base-load nor the load-following power required by the Grid. It is beyond dispute that windfarms can require at least 90% backup from reliable controllable energy sources.
  3. There is no evidence that increasing the number of windfarms is reducing national CO2 emissions in UK or any other country adopting wind energy.
  4. Additional grid connection is needed to meet the installed capacity of wind installation; increasing the number and size of transmission infrastructure and cost to the consumer; increasing impact on landscape value.
  5. No developer will build windfarms without subsidies. Electricity companies are compelled to buy this expensive electricity. Both are funded by an extra charge on every electricity bill.This is not a government subsidy, which would be open for scrutiny. We are now paying £1 billion a year.
  6. There is no evidence that windfarms bring significant local employment, but they can impact adversely on traditional industry and tourism and on property values, and thus the level of available investment in local businesses.

You can read the full document and sign up to the charter at
www.nowind.org.uk [1]

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URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/documents/national-opposition-to-windfarms-charter/

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