March 23, 2008
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Loi de consultation à l’implantation d’éoliennes

Marini, Philippe; et al.

Proposed law to require citizen consultation before siting of large wind turbines, recorded by the President of the Senate, 17 March 2008:

“If the expansion of wind energy is a good, it should not be translated, on the ground, by nuisance, including visual, so important to residents, or by disfiguration of the neighboring countryside.

“Moreover, the time when people could impose projects on the public is over. The application of information and transparency is today essential. Every elected official has the duty not only to make law, but also to encourage citizen participation.

“These are the reasons for which the present proposed law proposes to require, before any wind turbine construction project subject to public inquiry (wind turbines more than 50 meters tall), a referendum of the voters. The outcome of this referendum, which would concern not only the town of installation, but also those that would be visually affected by the project, would not legally require the concerned municipal councils who would remain masters of their decision. The area covered by the referendum would be determined by the communes concerned on the basis of the report of the investigating commissioner, who would be required to take into account the visual impact of the installation. Each commune would have the choice of holding the referendum on all of its jurisdiction or only in the geographic areas visually affected by the project.”

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