September 13, 2008
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Life with Industrial Wind Turbines in Wisconsin: Part 7


By courtesy of Rock County Tax-Payers for a Better Renewable Energy Plan [1]

Interview with Dan and Julie Jullickson, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin. See transcript below (again, thanks to Better Plan [2]).

[ Click here to view or download the entire “Wisconsin Wind” video (1 hr 49 min) [3] ]


Q: So what can you tell us about the wind turbines in this area here? What’s your experience with them? Have you had any adverse effects.

Dan: The only thing is the noise–

Julie: Well, first of all it’s an eyesore this used to be all country. They have these red lights and they all seem to flash at the same time, so you feel like you’re living in the middle of an airport. Actually, I call it an industrial park. I now feel like I’m in the middle of an industrial park. And they do make noise. We’re getting a southwest wind. If you walk over there you’re going to hear these two [points to turbines] making their noise.

Q: I hear some noise right now. Is that what I hear?

Julie: Yeah. That’s not an airplane, that’s the wind turbine. Step over here. There’s two of them back here. You hear that?

Q: That’s loud.

Dan: I can hear it at night when I’m laying in bed.

Julie: We have a brand new addition right in the back of the house and you can hear that.

Q: Now, you have your house up for sale. Is it because of the wind turbines?

Julie: It pushed us– it’s not the only reason, we want to get closer to our family– but it pushed us to giddy-up and get out. Because we knew it when it was peaceful– you’d hear the birds, the wind, and now we got this. And maybe somebody might not care, there’s people who live along highways and airports and maybe they don’t care but we knew what this place was like.

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