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Letter from Sarah Laurie to Simon Chapman

Your recent wind turbine opinion piece in the New Scientist, together with your media commentary in other articles, interviews and comments on blogs, purport to be “the truth” about this subject. However my knowledge of the problems, obtained directly from sick residents including turbine hosts and some of their treating doctors, rather than indirect sources, is in stark contrast.

I would be obliged if you will direct me to the population studies or even small case control studies, which have been performed in the vicinity of large operating wind turbines, confirming that there are no adverse health effects for any of the residents from these wind turbines, including sleep deprivation, stress related illnesses, and symptoms of vestibular dysfunction.

I believe there are no such studies.

Are you prepared to explain why you do not reference the peer reviewed published work of Dr Daniel Shepherd and his colleagues, when you discuss the evidence for damage to health caused by industrial wind turbines in your public statements? Shepherd’s work was published a year ago, in October, 2011. As you will see when you read it, there is incontrovertible evidence of sleep disturbance and adverse impacts on health-related quality of life in wind turbine neighbours, when compared with these indicators in rural residents who do not live in the environs of an industrial wind development. This is entirely consistent with my knowledge, and the knowledge of a growing number of medical practitioners around the world. …

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