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Less for More: the Rube Goldberg Nature of Industrial Wind Development

Note from the author: Although it is a long piece, with ideas familiar to many involved with industrial wind issues, I hope it will provide more informed context for future discussion. It is essential, I believe, for the success of our strategic goals, that we understand the nature of how electricity is produced and transmitted through modern grid systems, allowing us to become conversant with terms and processes that more knowledgeably describe the ways in which wind energy is inimical not only to life on the grid but also to the claims of its legion of supporters. … The only reason for wind energy to replace conventional fuels is to abate carbon emissions perceived to be affecting public health and the larger environment. All the other issues are secondary to this one. Given grid mechanics and the nature of wind technology, this claim, the ultimate claim for the industry, is not true in any meaningful sense of people’s expectations. As with all the other claims made by this industry, it is built up from partial truths to frame a house of lies.

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