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L'éolien industriel: une imposture écologique, un scandale financier [Industrial wind energy: ecological fraud, financial scandal]

Contents [translated from French]:

  1. The Kyoto protocol: reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
  2. The concept of sustainable development
    1. Three pillars of the concept of sustainable development
    2. Analyzing a technology according to the concept of sustainable development
  3. Analysis of industrial wind energy against sustainable development
    1. Pillar of economic responsibility
      1. Technical and economic inefficiencies
      2. Artificial financial bubble
    2. Pillar of social responsibility
      1. Cost-benefit balance for all
      2. Cost-benefit balance for neighbors
    3. Pillar of environmental responsibility
      1. Negative impacts for humans
      2. Negative impacts for animals
      3. Negative impacts for biotopes
  4. Conclusions
    1. Industrial wind energy does not contribute to the objectives of Kyoto
    2. Industrial wind energy is not sustainable development
    3. From ideological centerpiece to false idol
  5. Annexes
    1. Elsewhere in the world
    2. What’s been said
    3. Glossary
    4. Bibliography

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