January 2, 2008
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Italian Windfarm Diary

Mair, Gail

This is a twelve-month diary (January 2007 through December 2007) meticulously kept by Gail Mair, who lives with her husband Walter in Tuscany, Italy. Gail (fluent in English, German, and Italian) and Walter (a native of Italy) bought this piece of property some years ago, and in October 2006 they moved into the modest house they had built. It was to be their retirement home.

As they were finishing construction of their new home, the Spanish wind company Gamesa was finishing up building its windfarm in their neighborhood. In November 2006, a month after Gail and Walter had their house-warming party, the turbines were turned on.

Their lives ever since have been hellish (except for brief trips away). Day after day. Relentless. Unending. Gail and Walter have asked that their diary be circulated widely, in the hope of saving other communities and individuals from the misery and horror they are living through.

Contact information (address, email, and phone) is given at the end of the diary, which is presented exactly as Gail wrote it, honey bees and all (they are hobby beekeepers).

The entries speak for themselves. On re-reading what we’ve been through this year it sounds like someone’s worst nightmare – and so it has been. The idea that someone, somewhere has made a lot of money by effectively dispossessing us, doesn’t bear thinking about, but it happens all the time, all over the world and the horror is creeping nearer home…

This odyssey has filled our lives for a year and we’re now facing the financial consequences. The effort put into research and documenting everything has cost us the energy we needed to become integrated and look for suitable work. One of the reasons I gave up my job in the hotel was that I was simply exhausted and couldn’t ‘tank up’ [relax & regenerate] at home. Whatever the outcome we are now being forced to go elsewhere to look for work because it is impossible to concentrate here.

The more people know about this, the better.

Download original document: “Italian Windfarm Diary [1]

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[1] Italian Windfarm Diary: https://docs.wind-watch.org/mair-diary.pdf