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Industrial Wind Turbines – safe or sound?

Deputation to the Municipality of Prince Edward County, November 23, 2008.

Robert McMurtry is an Emeritus Professor from the Schulich School of Medicine, University of Western Ontario. He was a special advisor to the Royal Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada.

This brief deputation is in four parts: Regulations in Canada, Low Frequency Noise and Wind Turbines, Reports of Adverse Health Events, and A Proposal:

“When uncertainty exists and the health and well-being of people are potentially at risk, assuredly it is appropriate to invoke the precautionary principle. Until and unless there are authoritative guidelines in place based on the best available evidence Prince Edward County ought not to proceed with the development of Industrial Wind Turbines. The development of these guidelines must be based on a rigorous epidemiological evaluation of health effects of these turbines. It is time that the Prince Edward County Council in concert with the Provincial Government take action.”

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