January 18, 2008
Impacts, West Virginia

Huge Windmill "Plants" Fail as "Green Energy" and Fail to Provide Any Significant Amount of Electricity

Dodds, Pamela; and Dodds, Arther

A very good overview of the low benefits and high adverse impacts of industrial wind energy, courtesy of the Laurel Mountain Preservation Association [1].

Go to: ‘Huge Windmill “Plants” Fail’ [2]

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/documents/huge-windmill-plants-fail-as-green-energy-and-fail-to-provide-any-significant-amount-of-electricity/

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[1] Laurel Mountain Preservation Association: http://laurelmountainpreservationassociation.org/index.html

[2] Go to: ‘Huge Windmill “Plants” Fail’: https://docs.wind-watch.org/dodds-hugewindmillplantsfail.html