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Helen Fraser Interview — Melancthon I, Shelburne, Ontario

In this interview by Save Our Skyline Renfrew County (sosrenfrewcounty.wordpress.com [1]), Helen Fraser talks about health issues she suffered after the Melancthon wind energy facility near Shelburne, Ontario, began operation in the spring of 2006. Her home, where she had lived for more than 30 years, ended up in the middle of the facility. Her fibromyalgia seriously deteriorated shortly after the wind turbines were active, yet improved just as drastically every time she was outside the vicinity of the facility. Mrs. Fraser also notes that they no longer saw the abundance of wildlife that they had before.

There were 12 turbines visible on three sides of her home, the closest only 423 meters away. Eight of the turbines had an obvious direct impact on the home, with noise or shadow flicker. “I could tell if the turbines were running if I had a headache,” she says. When the towers were erected, she began having severe head and body aches, ringing in her ears, digestive issues, and chronic fatigue, which led to a whole host of other issues, including depression and not being able to concentrate. “And they all cleared up after 24 hours [of being away from home], and when we’d come back the symptoms would be there 24 hours later.”

“There were major, major health issues for me, and since we’ve moved here [her new home, after a year and a half of ‘pure torture’], nothing.”

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