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Wind turbines and health — videos from Clinton, Ontario

Health Studies Before Wind Turbines —
Dr. Robert McMurtry MD FRCSC FACS speaks to a large gathering in Clinton, Ontario about the health issues that are arising in Ontario homes that are close to wind turbine developments. He stresses that a full independent epidemiological study is needed before these developments are installed, but unfortunately the Ontario government is trying not to listen, and people continue to become ill. The only recourse left is to take the provincial government to court: Support the Ian Hanna Lawsuit.


Ian Hanna Wind Turbine Lawsuit (2 parts) –
Ian Hanna explains his legal challenge against the Ontario Government to a large group in Clinton, Ontario. This lawsuit challenges the fact that the Ontario government did not follow the precautionary principal when implementing the Green Energy Act’s wind turbine setbacks to rural homes. If successful it will stop current planned projects and force proper medical studies which we are confident will lead to set-backs of a minimum of 1.5-2km. This will kill many projects plus perhaps force rectification/compensation for built projects.



Victims Before Wind Turbines —
Tracy Lamont from St. Columban, Ontario, speaks to a crowd in the town of Clinton on September 16th, 2010. Tracy’s family is trying to sell their home because they know that their young son cannot tolerate the noise from the wind turbines that are proposed to be 550m from their home.