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Green River Wind Endangered Species Consultation

Mainstream Power USA/Green River Wind proposes a commercial wind energy generation project in southeastern Whiteside County, comprising approximately 9 wind turbines and a substation. Collection power lines will be located underground, and each turbine will be served by an access road. Soils in the project area consist largely of sandy and friable loamy soils, most of which are tilled. Some remain in pasture or open woodlands, while a few acres have been restored to native prairie vegetation. The project area is drained by the Green River and its tributaries.

It is the biological opinion of the Department the proposed action is likely to adversely modify the essential habitat of the state-listed Ornate Box Turtle, Plains Hognose Snake, and Regal Fritillary Butterfly, and may adversely modify habitat for the state-listed Blanding’s Turtle, Yellow Mud Turtle, Loggerhead Shrike, Short-eared Owl, and Northern Harrier. The project may also adversely modify habitats within the Sand Prairie State Habitat Area, an IDNR-owned and managed site in Lee County listed on the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory (INAI) and may adversely modify the Foley Sand Prairie Nature Preserve in Lee County.

The Department recommends the applicant seek an Incidental Take Authorization from the Department for the Ornate Box Turtle, the Plains Hognose Snake, and the Regal Fritillary. The Department’s opinions are further explained below, with more detailed recommendations to the County where applicable.

Keith M. Shank
Impact Assessment Section
Division of Ecosystems and Environment
Illinois Department of Natural Resources
(217) 785-5500

April 4, 2012

Mr. Stuart Richter
Zoning Officer
Whiteside County Development
200 E. Knox St.
Morrison, IL 61270

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