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General Specification: V117–3.3 MW

The Vestas V117-3.3 MW turbine has a rotor diameter of 117 m (384 ft) and a rated output power of 3.3 MW. Swept area 10,751 m² (2.66 acres). Speed, dynamic operation range 6.2-17.7 rpm (maximum tip speed of 390 kph/243 mph). Total gearbox oil volume 1000-1200 L (264-317 gal). Main contributors to own consumption: hydraulic motors, yaw motors, water heating, water pumps, oil heating, oil pump for gearbox lubrication, controllers, transformer no-load loss; total ~128 kW. [Other contributors to consumption include turning the blades to avoid bending, turning the blades as wind rises, maintaining charge of 192-V uninterruptible power supply, lighting.] Maximum noise level at optimised power: 107.0 dBA 10 m above ground.

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