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Federal Financial Interventions and Subsidies in Energy Markets 2007

Table 35 on page 106 of this report shows that wind energy received $23.37 per megawatt-hour of its electricity production in 2007. This compared with 44 cents for coal, $1.59 for nuclear, and 25 cents for natural gas (the three main sources of electricity in the U.S.).

Note: This is the most comprehensive study that the EIA has done, but it’s still far from complete. For wind, for example, they completely missed the federal 5-year double-declining-balance accelerated depreciation (5-yr, 200% DB). Most other generating units must use 20-yr, 150% DB. Also, the study is limited to federal “financial interventions” so there is nothing on regulatory subsidies (e.g., renewable portfolio standards or green energy programs that create a higher-price market) and various other subsidies provided by FERC or state regulations.

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