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Development Assessment Report: Stony Gap Wind Farm

Proposal: Wind farm (Stony Gap), comprising 41 turbines (Vestas V90-3MW or similar up to 3.4MW; tower heght would be up to 85 metres and blade length up to 56 metres; overall height of turbines would be up to 145 metres at the blade tip), two permanent 80 metre high wind monitoring towers, five temporary 100 metre high wind monitoring towers for a period of six months, three year extension to existing temporary wind monitoring towers, on-site electrical substation and control rom, 276kV transmission line for approximately 25 kilometres from the on-site substation to the Robertstown substation, on-site access tracks (5.0 to 6.0 metres in width; total length of track is approximately 30 kilometres of which approximately 8.0 kilometres will be upgrades of existing farm tracks) and series of 33kV electrical cables linking turbines to the on-site substation (total length of cabling is approximately 50 kilometres).

Summary of Submissions: There are a number of similar issues raised in the submissions, including:

form of development:

planning policies and procedures:

environmental impacts:

visual impact;

impact of turbines:

noise impact:

social impacts:

shadow flicker;

blade glint and blade throw;

road infrastructure;

bushfire hazard;

property values;

telecommunication interference;

decommissioning; and

cumulative impacts of wind farms.

Download document: “Stony Gap Development Assessment Report” [1]

Download document: “Stony Gap – Attachments 1-4” [2]

Attachment 1: Map of Proposed Development
Attachment 2: Ownership Details of Subject Land
Attachment 3: Development Plan Provisions
Attachment 4: Letter from Truenergy

Download document: “Stony Gap – Attachment 5” [3]

Attachment 5: The Acoustic Group – Peer Review of Noise Impact Assessment

For Attachments 6 to 19, go to: www.goyder.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?u=163 [4]