February 7, 2010

Danish wind power ‘stalled’ since 2002

Danish Wind Industry Association

Installed wind power, 1999-2009, Denmark [1]

Net development of wind power, 1999-2009, Denmark [2]

Note that 2002 was the last year that any substantial on-shore wind power was erected in Denmark. The small changes since then have mostly been due to replacing existing machines with larger ones.

Off-shore, after the Horns Rev facility in 2002 and Nysted (Rødsand) in 2003, there was no development until the addition of Horns Rev II in 2009. Rødsand II (200 MW) may be completed in 2010.

URL to article:  https://www.wind-watch.org/documents/danish-wind-power-stalled-since-2002/

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[1] Image: https://docs.wind-watch.org/DK-installed-wind-1999-2009.jpg

[2] Image: https://docs.wind-watch.org/DK-net-development-1999-2009.jpg