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Complaint against Iberdrola and others – Hardscrabble wind project

“The 60 Plaintiffs have suffered various damages and injuries as it relates to the placement of the subject wind turbines being in close proximity to their home as more fully set forth herein. …

“Upon information and belief, in addition to the aforesaid, all Plaintiffs are entitled
to damages related to the diminution of their property values; compensatory damages for the destruction oftheir homes and lifestyle; loss of use and enjoyment of their properties; damages in the form of relocations costs and lost time spent relocating their homes; mental anguish; destruction of scenic countryside; physical pain and suffering; difficulty sleeping; nuisance; trespass; interference with electrical functioning of their homes such as satellites, telephone and televisions; loss of business profits; special damages that include anxiety, stress, worry and inconvenience; some Plaintiffs may have a need for future medical monitoring and/or medical care; and the effects of the lights and noise the wind turbines have on the Plaintiffs’ properties; among other injuries. … Upon information and belief, as a result of the conduct of Defendants, the Plaintiffs have suffered and continue to suffer the damages as set forth herein.

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