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Compilation of documents by KROWS

Kittitas Residents Opposing Windfarm Sprawl [1] (KROWS) have collected the following documents on their web site.

Post-Construction Bat and Bird Fatality Study at the Blue Sky Green Field Wind Energy Center, Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin [2]

Economic Importance of Bats in Agriculture [3]

False Claims that “Wind Farms” Provide Large Economic and Job Benefits [4]

Think Twice: Why Wind Power Mandates Are Wrong for the Northwest [5]

True Cost of Electricity from Wind Is Always Underestimated and Its Value Is Always Overestimated [6]

Wind Turbine Size Comparisons [7]

Evaluating the impact of wind turbine noise on health-related quality of life [8]

Living With the Impact of Windmills [9]

Wind Turbine Setbacks and Property Values [10]